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An Inconvenient Truth

In 2005, two major hurricanes struck the United States and did tremendous damage.  Hurricanes Katrina and Rita were responsible for approximately 2000 deaths and billions of dollars in damage.

Many environmental alarmists jumped on these tragedies to push the theory that these hurricanes were the direct result of global warming (now more politically correctly referred to as climate change.)

Environmental activist Ross Gelbspan wrote in a Boston Globe op-ed “the hurricane that struck Louisiana yesterday was nicknamed Katrina by the National Weather Service.  Its real name was global warming.”  Al Gore and scores of other left-wing enviros, along with most of the mainstream press, quickly jumped on the bandwagon.  They predicted that global warming was, and would continue to, increase the numbers of hurricanes which would hit the US, as well as their severity. 

Well, a small headline caught my attention on the inside of the Cincinnati Enquirer yesterday (not on the front page mind you):

“Savannah, Ga. – The Atlantic hurricane season ended Monday with barely a whimper: Not a single hurricane came ashore in the United States.  Since June, when the season began, just nine named storms developed.  Only three of them became hurricanes, and those stayed out at sea or weakened before passing over land.  The 2009 hurricane season was the quietest since 2006, which also had nine total storms and five hurricanes, none of which made landfall in the US.”

Nuf Said.

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