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How Much Does The Left Hate President Trump?

So how much does The Left hate Donald Trump? A lot. A few examples.

When William Shakespeare wrote “Julius Caesar”, four centuries ago, Donald Trump of course wasn’t on the scene yet. He wouldn’t be born for another 400 years. That didn’t stop the creative geniuses in New York from deciding to portray Julius Caesar, as Donald Trump. And then proceeding to literally butcher the Trump look-alike on stage in a most bloody fashion. Of course this is “art”, and so we can’t criticize the creative class for its creativeness, can we? Well I just did.

And of course not-so-funny comedian Kathy Griffin, recently thought it would be a hoot to have herself photographed with a Trump-looking severed head, and post it for all the world to see. She apologized pretty quickly when most people criticized, rather than praised, her bizarre political commentary. But the fact that she’d think such a display of contempt for President Trump would be acceptable, says a lot.

And now California Democrat Congressman Brad Sherman has drafted articles of impeachment against President Trump. Sherman has begun circulating his impeachment resolution among other Democrats, seeking their support. His principal allegation is that Donald Trump obstructed justice in the Russia investigation. It’s not yet clear how many Democrats will climb aboard this Trump impeachment train. But there’s no doubt that the so-called Resistance Movement, will put tremendous pressure on Democratic Members of Congress to do so.

How should President Trump handle the deep-seated hatred coming from The Left? Well first, what he shouldn’t do. He shouldn’t tweet so much. Yes, he has nearly 35 million Twitter followers. So theoretically he can get his message directly to one in ten Americans, without the need to go through the mainstream press. That’s a good thing. But every tweet he sends out, is intensely scrutinized by the mainstream media, and they almost always put a negative spin on it, which the other nine out of ten Americans are exposed to.

In essence, the President’s tweets often fan the flames of stories which put him in a bad light. They turn a one day story, into a two or three day story, or longer. And his unfiltered tweets, could possibly get him into legal jeopardy. Republican Senator Lindsey Graham recently said “you may be the first President in history to go down, because you can’t stop inappropriately talking about an investigation, that if you were just quiet, would clear you.”

Okay, what SHOULD President Trump do? He should talk about the things that got him elected in the first place. His plan to improve the economy, and get Americans back to work again. His commitment to repealing and replacing Obamacare, with something more worthy of the American people. His plan for getting tax reform through both the House and the Senate, and thus delivering something the American people have desperately wanted for a long time. And his strategy to defeat the scourge of radical Islamic terrorism within our borders, and around the globe.

There’s a lot of important things to talk about and work on. I would urge our President to devote his time and energy to those things. And let The Left throw their temper tantrums, and alienate the vast majority of Americans.

But that’s just me.

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