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How Republicans can Hold the House and Senate this November

If you listen to Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and the mainstream political pundits, you’d conclude that Democrats are going to win back at least the House, and maybe the Senate, this fall, hands down. After all, when one party wins the presidency, the other party almost always does well in the following congressional elections. And that’s particularly true when that president is unpopular, and Donald Trump is somewhere between the mid 30’s and low 40s in popularity, which historically is quite low.

I however believe that if Republicans are smart (which sometimes we are) there’s a way to break this historical trend. First of all, to a considerable degree, The Left has taken over the Democrat party. This is not the party of John F. Kennedy, or even Bill Clinton. It’s now the party of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and Alec Baldwin and Whoopi Goldberg.

I would argue that the way to beat them is to clearly delineate the differences between the two parties on issue after issue. America is a center-right country. Unfortunately, Republicans have allowed Democrats and the mainstream press to misportray where we really stand on a whole range of issues. The result has been that major elements of the American public have been shifting toward the Democrats in recent elections – in particular, women, young people, and suburbanites (including moderate Republicans.)

Here are the specific contrasts I would draw between Republicans and Democrats in order to prevail in next November’s elections. First, Republicans just cut your taxes – without a single Democrat vote. Republicans believe that you know how to spend your money better than the government does. Democrats think the government knows best. Who do you think wins this argument?

Second, Republicans believe you care more about your healthcare than the government does. Democrats believe bureaucrats and politicians in Washington care more about your health than you do. Again, if the American people are truly engaged on this issue, who do you think wins that argument?

Third, Republicans believe that as a sovereign nation, the United States has the right to determine who’s allowed to come here, so we need to control our borders. Democrats basically support open borders, sanctuary cities, and the result – a more dangerous America.

Fourth, Republicans support a stronger military and an anti-missile defense to prevent rogue states like North Korea from making American cities vulnerable. Democrats have voted time and again to weaken our military, and opposed the anti-missile system which could be our last line of defense.

Fifth, Republicans support our police, safer streets, and respect for the American flag (including standing for the National Anthem.) Democrats have been quick to criticize the police, have been running (poorly) high crime/high violence cities like Detroit and Philadelphia and Chicago for decades now, and have supported those who have been disrespecting our flag and National Anthem for the last year or so.

Other areas to draw distinctions between the parties’ positions are abortion – protecting innocent unborn life vs abortion-on-demand at any stage or for any reason, including for sex selection; gun control; and potentially, impeachment.

To summarize, Republicans can enter into a spirited political debate on fundamental issues, and at least have a fighting chance of prevailing this November; or they can roll over and let the prevailing view as spun by Democrats and the mainstream media to be absorbed by the public, and lose the House, and possibly the Senate, in a disastrous wave election. I prefer the former.

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