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My Predictions for 2018

Well, we made it through the Christmas holiday. Probably ate too much, and spent too much, but we made it. Now the New Year is just around the corner. So hold onto your hats – it’s that time again. Time for yours truly to predict what’s going to happen in the upcoming year! I know you can’t wait. So here goes.

I usually stick to politics and government. With one exception. Since I’m one of the biggest homers in the world: Reds in the World Series, Bengals in the Super Bowl. Okay, that’s more a wish than a prediction, but it helps to be an eternal optimist if you’re a fan of our local professional sports teams. And I don’t know enough about soccer to predict about FC Cincinnati.

And before I get off sports, I’ve been a Marvin Lewis fan forever. Love the guy. Even spoke with him for a while in the waiting room at a local veterinarian’s office when our dogs were receiving care there. He brought the worst team in the NFL at the time to being respectable contenders. But it seems like the Bengals have slipped to slightly below mediocrity. And I wouldn’t be surprised if the Bengals ownership decided that it’s time to make a change. We’ll see. I’ll continue to be a loyal Bengals fan whatever happens.

Okay, now for my political predictions. First, although Democrats and many in the mainstream press are predicting that the Democrats are likely to win back the House, and maybe even the Senate next November, I predict Republicans will retain both the House and the Senate. When one party wins the presidency (as Republicans did a year ago) the opposite party usually does well in the next Congressional elections. So yes, Democrats will probably pick up some seats in the House currently held by Republicans, but I still think we hold the House. And I think we’ll keep the Senate too (despite that embarrassing loss in Alabama recently.)

Second, speaking of the Republican loss in Alabama recently, due to having an accused pedophile on the ballot (Roy Moore), Republicans will win that Senate seat back when it’s up for grabs again in three years (in 2020).

Third, I predict the just-passed Republican tax cut bill will result in an even stronger economy, job growth, and more money in virtually every taxpayer’s pocket. The Democratic spin (which was overwhelmingly adopted by the mainstream press) was that it was just a tax cut for the rich. As over time the public sees the reality, they’ll come to favor the tax cut, and those who supported it.

Fourth, Obamacare is going to continue to unravel. Democrats passed this debacle when they controlled every lever of power. Obamacare’s been failing for quite some time now. People are paying more, far more, for their healthcare since Obamacare passed, and getting less for their money. Fortunately, the recently passed tax cut bill contained a provision repealing the Obamacare mandate, and this could possibly hasten Obamacare’s demise. Senator Susan Collins is trying to cobble together the votes in the Senate to subsidize insurance companies who are losing money under Obamacare so even more insurance companies don’t pull out of it, but I predict even if she can get the votes in the Senate, she’ll have a hard time in the House securing such a bailout.

Fifth, although the standoff with North Korea will continue to be dangerous, actual war with North Korea will not occur in 2018. Tough talk, increased sanctions, more missile tests by North Korea, will continue. But not war – at least not in 2018.

Sixth, it’s way early to talk about Trump’s successor, but I won’t let that stop me. Trump WILL run for re-election in 2020, and in 2024 the most likely persons to head up the Republican presidential ticket are either Vice President Mike Pence or UN Ambassador Nikki Haley. And if you want to check up on just how accurate my predictions on such things have been recently, just ask President Marco Rubio.

Seventh on the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton will make noises about running for President again in 2020. But she won’t be the Democratic nominee. It’s gonna be a free-for-all next time around to see which Democrat gets to run against Donald Trump. There are going to be candidates coming out of the walls. But the ultimate candidate isn’t going to be Hillary. Stick a fork in it (figuratively of course.)

Eighth, an infrastructure bill, and overhauling the welfare system, are going to get a lot of attention in Washington over the next year. A major bill on both could make it through the House, but only infrastructure would have a chance in the Senate. A bill to restrain in any way the flow of welfare checks would meet stiff resistance from Democrats. And at least nine Democrats would be needed in the Senate, and that just won’t happen.


Ninth, unfortunately I think the United States and our allies around the globe will continue to be the target of radical Jihadist acts of terror. This cult of death is determined to kill anyone who stands in their way, and Americans will continue to stand for freedom here at home and around the globe. So the bad guys will continue to target us.

And finally, tenth, “The Wall” is gonna be built. It won’t be finished in 2018, but a reasonably good start will be underway. Democrats will continue to do everything possible to undermine the effort (because they see the illegals as potential voters of theirs.) But Trump’s gonna win this one (even if Mexico doesn’t pay for it.)

So there you have ‘em. My ten predictions for 2018. And however they ultimately turn out, I wish you and your loved ones a healthy and prosperous 2018. See you in the New Year!

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