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Obamacare Repeal Delayed; Obama Knew About Russian Meddling, but Did Nothing; A “Matter”, Not an Investigation; More Hate from the Looney Left; And Trump Triumphs at the Supreme Court

There are a number of things to talk about this week. Without a doubt, the biggest thing would have been the Senate vote on repealing Obamacare. But Mitch McConnell wasn’t able to cobble together the votes to pass it. So it didn’t happen – yet. Some Republican Senators think the bill goes too far – others that it doesn’t go far enough. But I’m not going to criticize my brethren in the Senate – yet. Because everybody knows what a heck of a time we had putting the votes together in the House, before we finally passed it.

The Dems and liberal groups claim that the legislation will literally “kill” people if it’s passed. In my view, that’s a crock. It’s a start to undoing the damage which Obamacare has done to healthcare in this country. It’s a welcome step towards taking power away from federal bureaucrats in Washington, and giving it back to patients and doctors. Hopefully, the Senate will act in the near future – probably in July. We’ll see.

Next, Russia – although I’m guessing that you’re getting about as tired as I am of listening to The Left drone on and on about how the Russians allegedly stole the election for Donald Trump. President Trump made a good point recently when he argued that the real scandal is that President Obama did nothing to stop Russian meddling in our election, when he learned that it was going on. Why didn’t Obama do anything? Because he, along with most other Democrats, thought that Hillary Clinton was going to win. And Obama likely didn’t want to discredit Hillary’s expected victory by saying the Russians were involved.

We also just learned that Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch may have obstructed justice when she inappropriately weighed into FBI James Comey’s investigation of Hillary Clinton. According to Comey, Lynch pressured him into calling the investigation of Hillary Clinton a “matter” rather than an “investigation”, in order to downplay its seriousness, and thus benefit the Clinton campaign. In my opinion, this lends credence to the suspicion many Americans had that Lynch and Bill Clinton talked about a whole lot more than grandchildren when they met in secret on that airport tarmac a few months prior to the election. Although I guess we’ll never know for sure.

Remember when past-her-prime singer/actress Madonna acknowledged that she’d “thought a lot about blowing up the White House”? Donald Trump hadn’t been president for 24 hours, and The Left was already literally rioting in the streets of our nation’s capital. (To be fair, the majority of the anti-Trump protesters in Washington the day after Trump’s inauguration, were non-violent.) Well, we can now add actor (sort of) Johnny Depp to the list of Trump-haters who’ve gone too far. After reminding folks that it was an actor who assassinated Abraham Lincoln, Depp suggested that since “it’s been awhile, maybe it’s time” we do it again. After getting some flack, he apologized, but he ought to just stick with the movies.

And finally, Trump wins a big one at the Supreme Court. A number of liberal judges (below the Supreme Court) had stopped President Trump’s travel ban from going into effect. Well the Supreme Court this week essentially ruled that Trump was right, and the libs were wrong. And the decision was – drum roll please – nine to zero! The mainstream media, in announcing the decision, emphasized that the Court will review some broader constitutional issues later in the fall, but the bottom line was – Trump won! And most importantly, we’ll all be safer, because immigrants trying to come to America from unstable, dangerous places like Iran, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen, will be more strictly vetted. A victory for common sense.

See you next week.

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