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Abandoning Our Allies; Losing Afghanistan; Politicizing the Arts; Lying to Seniors

Too many remarkable things happened over the last week to limit my weekly blog to one topic, so I’ll try to cover a number of items here briefly. 

First, President Obama blinked when he was tested by Russia’s Vladimir Putin and by Iran’s Ahmadinejad, and he threw our allies Poland and the Czech Republic under the bus (sort of like he did with his grandmother when it was politically expedient in the campaign last year). 

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ACORN Running Amuck

ACORN has been around for quite awhile.  In fact, President Obama, during his community organizer days used to work with ACORN training their “volunteers”.  I first became aware of their existence when in Washington there would periodically be groups of protesters in red t-shirts led by people with bullhorns loudly protesting legislation being considered by Congress. 

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Czars Gone Wild

The appointment of thirty + Czars by the Obama Administration is not only worrisome, it may well be a violation of the Founders’ intent when they adopted our Constitution, the foundation upon which all our rights are based.  Yes, previous Presidents have had them, but never to this extent. 

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The number “45” plays an important part in this week’s blog.  And no, I’m not 45 – I passed that age-marker a little more than a decade ago. 

Rather, spending is so out of control in Washington today, that for every dollar Congress now spends, 45 cents of it is borrowed! 

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