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Bringing Terrorists to America

The Obama Administration has taken the first step towards bringing accused terrorists who have been being held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to the United States.  Ahmed Ghailani is accused of being an aide to Osama bin Laden, and a bomb-maker connected with the al-Qaida bombings of the two U.S.

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GM Now Stands for Government Motors

It’s really a sad day in so many ways.  One of this nation’s premier companies, General Motors, the maker of the Chevrolet Corvette, the Buick Century, the Pontiac Trans-Am, has filed for bankruptcy, and the US taxpayer is now the principal owner. 

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North Korea Going Nuclear / Obama’s Choice for Supreme Court

In this week’s blog, I’d like to discuss two unrelated but important events. 

First, North Korea seems bound and determined to move forward with its nuclear weapons program whether South Korea, the UN, or the United States likes it or not. 

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Speaker Pelosi and Gitmo

The principle responsibility of the federal government is to keep the American people safe.  Having a place to keep those who have attempted to kill Americans and destroy this nation is critical, and preferably not next door to you.  Thus, Guantanamo Bay. 

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