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National Jobless Rate Hits 8 1/2%

The jobless number just came out, and the Nation’s unemployment rate shot up to 81/2 % in March.  663,000 new people lost their means of supporting themselves and their families.  That means a record 13.2 million Americans are out of work.

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Monstrous Debt in Obama’s Budget

Columnist David Broder, is one of the so-called “big feet” in Washington – when he talks, people listen. 

Most would consider his political views as being in the moderate to liberal range.  That’s why his column, which appeared this week in the Cincinnati Enquirer (3/30) titled “Monstrous Debt in Obama’s Budget” was especially eye-catching. 

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Obama’s Budget- Not the answer to America’s financial mess

The Congressional Budget Office is predicting that President Obama’s budget will generate huge deficits — a trillion dollars or more each year over the next ten years.  This is clearly unsustainable to the American economy, and is highly likely to require huge tax increases. 

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The Cincinnati Tea Party

It was truly heartening to see thousands and thousands of patriotic Americans gather on Fountain Square this past Sunday to protest the unprecedented spending spree now occurring in Washington.  I was honored to be asked to be the keynote speaker at this grass-roots event, and hopefully it will be only the first of many in a national movement to take our country back.

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