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The House Passes a Huge New Energy Tax

The House of Representatives passed the Cap and Trade Bill (more accurately referred to as the Cap and Tax Bill) last Friday.  The Wall Street Journal said “it is likely to be the biggest tax in American history.”  Steve Driehaus voted for it. 

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Congress Spends More on Itself

Americans are hurting.  Our economy is in recession.  The unemployment rate in Ohio is now approaching 11%.  Many people have lost their homes through foreclosure, or are about to.  People are cutting back on spending on their own families. 

So what has Congress done about spending on itself? 

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UPDATE: ABC Turns its Programming Over to Obama

ABC News, allowing itself to become just another part of the Obama team, was the topic of my blog two days ago.  I want to pass along a suggestion made by one of our blog’s readers that I thought was a good idea. 

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ABC Turns its Programming Over to Obama

We’ve known that the Obama Administration and the Pelosi Congress have been chomping at the bit to, in effect, nationalize healthcare for quite some time.  In the words of President Obama’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, never let a crisis go to waste, or in other words, use this country’s economic crisis as an excuse to push their left-wing agenda and say it’s necessary to get the economy moving again. 

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