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The number “45” plays an important part in this week’s blog.  And no, I’m not 45 – I passed that age-marker a little more than a decade ago. 

Rather, spending is so out of control in Washington today, that for every dollar Congress now spends, 45 cents of it is borrowed! 

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$9 Trillion More Debt and Prosecuting Our Own People

I’d like to address two items in this week’s blog.  First, back in May the Obama Administration’s economic experts forecast that over the next ten years, deficit spending would be a historic high of $7 trillion.  There was a firestorm of criticism, for good reason, because the higher the deficit, the higher the taxes we’ll have to pay and the lower our standard of living. 

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Plot Thickens in the Healthcare Debate

Liberals in Washington who have been pushing for so-called healthcare reform often use Canada as the model to which we in the United States should aspire.  So how is Canada’s healthcare system doing?  Well according to the incoming President of the Canadian Medical Association, Dr.

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“Dem’s Agenda Largely Undone”

While perusing the Cincinnati Enquirer the other day, a headline caught my eye which read “Dem’s Agenda Largely Undone.”  Now when one considers the nature of that agenda, one can only say “thank God.”  Because that agenda is a leftward march which is clearly not in the best interest of our country. 

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