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Speaker Pelosi and Gitmo

The principle responsibility of the federal government is to keep the American people safe.  Having a place to keep those who have attempted to kill Americans and destroy this nation is critical, and preferably not next door to you.  Thus, Guantanamo Bay. 

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Obama’s Solution to a Bloated Budget- Military Cuts

A couple of headlines caught my attention in the Cincinnati Enquirer this past week.  One read “Obama Signs off on $17 Billion in Budget Cuts.”  At first glance that seems like a good thing, and a lot of money.  But let’s look closer. 

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A Fair and Unbiased Media?

An Associated Press story appeared in the Enquirer a few days ago headlined “For Democrats, Marriage Issue a Political Plus.”  The sub headline was “GOP Hard-Liners Against Tide?” 

The clear implication is that since most Republicans are against gay marriage, favoring traditional marriage between a man and a woman only, and many Democrats favor gay marriage, Republicans are on the wrong side of history and therefore Democrats will benefit politically. 

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Steve Driehaus- A Rubber Stamp for Liberal Leaders in Congress

An article appeared in the Cincinnati Enquirer this past Sunday, April 26th, entitled “Incoming Democrats Show Independence.”  The point of the article was that a number of Democrats who were elected to Congress for the first time this past November ran as fiscal conservatives who were not going to just be rubber stamps for liberal Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

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