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Chabot Wins Cincinnati Enquirer Endorsement!

Typically, Steve writes his blog posts, but the campaign team wanted to make sure all the Chabot supporters out there heard the good news – Congressman Chabot won the Cincinnati Enquirer endorsement!

Citing his “ability to find common ground with Democrats on initiatives that may not make big news, but do make a difference,” and how he demonstrates leadership “through consistent example, honorable actions and hard work,” the Enquirer asked its readers to send the “effective, knowledgeable player” back to Washington.

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Our Changed American Story

Seven years have passed since we watched a blue September sky turn gray as terrorists changed the world we knew.

We have a responsibility to ensure that a tragedy like this never happens again.

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Keeping Families in Their Homes

When a family loses its home to foreclosure, it loses more than just bricks and mortar. In addition to the homeowner’s personal pain, foreclosure affects the value of the neighborhood and the safety of the community.

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Back to School

Labor Day has passed and with it goes the summer, with the apparent exception of those 90 degree days. You have probably noticed yellow buses back on the streets and new backpacks being sported all over town.

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