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How Much Does The Left Hate President Trump?

So how much does The Left hate Donald Trump? A lot. A few examples.

When William Shakespeare wrote “Julius Caesar”, four centuries ago, Donald Trump of course wasn’t on the scene yet. He wouldn’t be born for another 400 years. That didn’t stop the creative geniuses in New York from deciding to portray Julius Caesar, as Donald Trump.

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A Day for Prayer and Reflection

I had written this week’s blog on an entirely different matter.  Then news broke that Congressman Steve Scalise of Louisiana and several others were wounded by gunfire on a ballfield just outside Washington.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to Steve and the others who were wounded. 

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Trump in Cincinnati, Comey to Testify, The Press Unhinged, and Some Great TV Shows

There’s a lot going on. Today President Trump is coming to Cincinnati, to focus attention on one of his major campaign pledges – improving America’s deteriorating infrastructure. Infrastructure, of course, can be highways and bridges and tunnels and sewers and our electrical grid; but it can also include our nation’s waterways, specifically dams and locks and levees and ports.

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Memorial Day Memories

Lot of milestones last weekend. Kentucky Senator Jim Bunning, Jimmy Carter national security advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski, and rock legend Gregg Allman, all passed away. Actor Kevin Bacon once suggested that we’re all only six degrees of separation from each other. Thought I’d try it.

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