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Democrats Say the Darndest Things

There are an awful lot of outrageous things that people in government and politics have said recently.  And I thought it might be fun to point a few of them out, and comment accordingly. 

First of all, I think it’s safe to say that most Americans aren’t particularly happy with the direction that gas prices have been going in recent months.  And even though they’re too high here in America, most people realize that they’re even higher in Europe – much higher. 

Well, here’s what the guy President Obama appointed to be in charge of our U.S.

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Jerusalem Post Interview

Israel’s most popular English language newspaper is the Jerusalem Post.  Obviously, Israel is quite concerned about the turmoil in the Middle East, as it’s their neighborhood. 
This past Sunday the Jerusalem Post published an interview they did with me in my capacity as the new Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee on the Middle East and South Asia.  Click here to read the interview.  I hope you find it interesting, and as always, I appreciate any feedback you might have. 

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The Attacks Have Already Begun

Well, here we go again. I was sworn in to the new Congress less than two months ago, and already the DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee) has launched a series of attack radio ads, phone calls, emails, and web ads against me and a number of other Republican Members of Congress.

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$5 a Gallon for Gas!?

The front page of the Cincinnati Enquirer yesterday screamed “Gas Watchers Fear $5 a Gallon.” I paid $3.29 a gallon to fill up at a BP on North Bend Road near St. Ignatius School yesterday. I hated spending that much, but I was on my way to a meeting, and had to do it.

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