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Most people who care deeply about our nation, believe that this will be one of the most important elections in history.  If we are to have any chance of reversing the dangerous path President Obama has set for America, we must accomplish three things this November.

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Change for the Worse

Candidate Barack Obama back in 2008 said he wanted to be a “transformative President” – that he wanted to fundamentally change America.  His campaign theme was “change we can believe in.” 

Well, now he’s President.  Has he changed the country? 

According to a just released poll, done for The Hill by Pulse Opinion Research, two-thirds of those polled say that yes, he has changed America.  But more importantly, by 56% to 35%, most of those polled said that he has CHANGED THINGS FOR THE WORSE. 

I would certainly include myself in the 56% who believe that Barack Obama’s changes have been in the wrong direction.

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What I Think Happened

I’ll begin my blog this week by making a confession.  I was wrong. 

About two years ago, shortly after the Democratic Congress passed the health care bill, and Barack Obama signed it into law, in one of my blogs I predicted that the four liberal Supreme Court judges would vote to uphold its constitutionality, the four conservative judges would vote to repeal it, and Justice Anthony Kennedy would be the deciding vote.  And further, I opined that he would vote to strike it down as unconstitutional (which he did.) 

What I never saw coming, (and virtually no one else did either) was that the Chief Justice, John Roberts, usually a reliable conservative vote on the Court, would be the deciding vote, and would decide to allow Obamacare to stand. 

Here’s what I think happened.  (And as I’ve just acknowledged that I got predicting the decision wrong, I could very well have this wrong too.)  But here goes anyway.

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Split Decision

In one of the more important decisions the U.S. Supreme Court has reached so far this term, the nation’s highest court has issued what most pundits are calling a “split decision” on immigration. The Court upheld Arizona’s “show me your papers” provision, which allows police to determine the legal status of persons they stop or arrest, if there is reason to suspect the person stopped may be in the country illegally.

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