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Health Care Law Ruled Unconstitutional – Again; And Egypt on the Brink

For the second time since the Democratic-controlled Congress passed a government takeover of health care a year ago, a federal judge has ruled it unconstitutional.

And this is even bigger than when Federal District Court Judge Henry Hudson of Virginia ruled the law unconstitutional back in December.  At that time, Judge Hudson was ruling for one state, Virginia.

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The Pro-Life Struggle Goes On; President Obama Delivers the State of the Union

Last Saturday was January 22nd. That day’s always been a pretty important day to me, as it’s the day I was born – 58 years ago. Unfortunately it’s also the day that the Supreme Court issued perhaps its most controversial, and I would argue most wrong-headed decision ever back in 1973 – Roe vs.

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The Past Week

Congress’ first week in session after being sworn in last week was taken up mostly with security measures related to the tragic shooting in Tucson. The vote on revoking Obamacare was put off until this week. More on that later.

Republican Members of Congress then took a bus trip to Baltimore for the annual Republican Retreat to strategize on how best to move forward with the agenda this year.

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A Tragic Shooting

The new Congress had only been sworn in three days earlier, when one of its own, Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona, was shot and severely wounded along with a considerable number of other innocents. Six people lost their lives. The alleged perpetrator of this heinous act was a 22 year-old man who by all accounts is deeply mentally disturbed.

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