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Are You Ready to Be “Nudged” By Barack Obama?

The government intends to modify your behavior – whether you like it or not.  Because, of course, the Obama Administration knows what’s best for you, what’s best for all of us, and they intend for us to get with the program, or else.

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Today Detroit. Tomorrow America?

Last week, Detroit became the largest city in American history to file for bankruptcy.  And unfortunately Detroit is not alone.  36 municipalities have had to file bankruptcy in the last year – 4 in California alone.

So why did this happen?

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Clean Water, Without Bankrupting Us

In Hamilton County over the last ten years, our sewer rates have increased by a staggering 130%.  What’s more, the county faces paying $3.2 billion more in mandated sewer update costs (enough money to build two Brent Spence Bridges!)  And jaw-dropping bills like this are occurring in communities all across America.

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Slaughter of the Innocents

The 15-year-old boy instinctively put up his right arm in self-defense when he was about to be shot.  The bullet blew off four fingers, but his reflexive act probably saved his life.

The radical Islamic attacker who had almost killed him, moved on with his fellow terrorists to maim, kill, and burn alive other children.

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