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Obama Loses the Debate – Why I Think it Happened

First, an admission.  I got one thing wrong in my blog last week.  I had said that “In my opinion, no matter who wins the debate, most mainstream political pundits will opine that Obama’s the winner.”

Romney so dominated the debate; it was so one-sided; Obama was so clearly out-classed; that even the usually reliable Obama-loving sycophants who make up so much of today’s political press corps, couldn’t put lipstick on this pig.  MSNBC Chris Matthews’ rant was particularly entertaining.  Obama had clearly let down his most ardent supporters.  And they were mad.

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The Great Debate

Well tonight’s the big night.  Mitt Romney and Barack Obama will finally face off, in verbal combat, mano-a-mano, broadcast live from the University of Denver.  Each side has been trying to reduce expectations for their own candidate’s debating skills, and inflate expectations for their opponent, so their candidate will exceed expectations and thus “win” the debate.  (Except for Governor Chris Christie, who basically said Romney is going to kick Obama’s butt.)  I hope he’s right – figuratively that is.

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Walking the Walk

Most people realize that Washington spending is out-of-control.  The result of all of that spending is a National Debt hanging over all our heads of $16 trillion.  President Obama and most Members of Congress act like they care and want to do something about it.

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Obama in Cincinnati

President Obama spoke to adoring Obama fans in Eden Park this week.  Not surprisingly, they cheered just about everything he said.  But much of what he claimed, just wasn’t true.

Referring to the choice the American electorate has to make between Mitt Romney and himself, he said, “I honestly believe this is the clearest choice of any time in a generation…it is a choice between two fundamentally different visions for how we move forward as a country.”  I agree with him (it might be the only time I will.)  It’s a choice between bigger government, deeper debt, more regulations, higher taxes – or less of these things.  I choose less.

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