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GCL pic -2013

You may have seen this photograph recently in the Cincinnati Enquirer or on someone’s Facebook page.  It was taken several weeks ago on Speaker John Boehner’s private balcony at the Capitol building.  Here’s the story.

John Boehner has been a Member of Congress since January of 1991. 

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Six Budgets

The House and Senate last week voted on five separate budgets.  Two passed.  Three didn’t.  And one more doesn’t even exist yet.

The one that doesn’t exist yet is President Obama’s.  According to law (the Congressional Budget Act of 1974 to be specific) the President of the United States is supposed to submit his budget to Congress by February 4th each year. 

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Can The Republican Party Be Saved?

Let’s be frank.  The election last November was a huge disappointment to Republicans across the country.  Mitt Romney lost (even though I believe he would have been a far superior President to the current occupant of the White House.)  Not only did Republicans fail to win back the United States Senate, but we actually lost two seats. 

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President Obama’s Number One Goal

Shortly after President Obama was re-elected to a second term last November, he made two phone calls.  Neither of the calls was to his key ally in the Senate, Harry Reid, nor to Mitch McConnell, the lead Republican there.  Nor was one of the calls to Speaker John Boehner, whom Obama would have to work with  if he was to live up to his commitment to put aside party differences, and work together in a bipartisan manner for the good of the American people.

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