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Here’s the Skinny on Immigration

Democrats and much of the mainstream press have been claiming for some time now that we MUST pass so-called “comprehensive immigration reform.” They further claim that Republicans will benefit from such passage. And of course we all know that Democrats and much of the mainstream press are SO interested in Republicans doing well.

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Obama’s Foreign Policy Is Failing

What a president is able to accomplish, or fails to accomplish, domestically, here at home, is obviously important. How is the economy performing? What’s the level of unemployment? Is the federal bureaucracy functioning semi-efficiently, and within the bounds of the law?

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Two Survived, One Died

When the national press covers a story having anything to do with guns, it’s inevitably one where the gun has been misused, and supports the point of view that we need more gun control measures.  The shooter has terrorized a school, or a post office, or his old workplace. 

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In Your Face, America

President Obama made several important appointments last week.  Because of time constraints, I’ll limit my comments to one of them.

Obama’s appointment of Susan Rice to be National Security Advisor is disgraceful – it’s an affront to the American people.  He has rewarded, with a promotion, the very person who misled us all after the Benghazi debacle.

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