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Cut, Cap, and Balance

Much of the news you’ve probably heard coming out of Washington these days has to do with the approaching debt ceiling limit, which we’ve been told will be reached in less than a month. President Obama a few months back was urging Congress to pass a so-called “clean” increase in the debt limit, which meant no cuts in spending at all.

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The Debt Ceiling Battle

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression, “you can’t judge a book by its cover.” Well, let me suggest a similar truth, “you can’t always judge a story by its headline.”

Case in point, just two days ago, the Cincinnati Enquirer and the Washington Times had the following headlines, enlightening us on what Republican Senators John McCain and John Cornyn had said over the weekend about the upcoming debt ceiling battle.

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I Agree with Hillary Clinton – Part II

Well, it happened again. I find myself once again agreeing with someone I very seldom agree with – Hillary Clinton. And it’s only been a week since last time.

This time the issue is Saudi Arabia – the only country on earth where women are by law forbidden to drive – anywhere, for any reason, period.

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I Agree With Hillary Clinton

I agree with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. There, I said it. I haven’t had occasion over the years to say those words in connection with her, or with her husband for that matter, so when it happens, it’s probably worth noting.

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