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What’s on Peoples’ Minds?

Last week Congress was not in session.  Therefore, Members of Congress (like myself) were participating in what is called a “District work period.”  Instead of being in Washington, we were spread out all over America, meeting with people in our own districts.

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Why I Oppose Amnesty

Back in 1986, there were approximately two million illegal immigrants in this country.  Whether you called them illegal immigrants or undocumented workers, the bottom line is, they weren’t supposed to be here, but they were.

After considerable debate, the consensus view by our leaders in Washington at the time, was “since we can’t round up two million people and deport them, we’ll grant them amnesty just this one time; and we’ll finally get serious about controlling our borders.”

Well, it’s 27 years later. 

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No Budget, No Pay

A number of interesting things to comment on since last week’s blog.  First of all, after votes wrapped up in Washington last week, Republican Members of Congress took the train from Washington to Williamsburg, Virginia for our annual strategy retreat.  (I particularly enjoy when the yearly event is in Williamsburg, as I’m a graduate of the College of William and Mary, and I use my break time to walk around the campus and remember my old college days.)

Lots of discussion at the retreat about what went right, and what went wrong (mostly wrong) last year politically and legislatively. 

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Asia and the Pacific

In the last Congress, I had the honor of serving as Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on the Middle East and South Asia.  The so-called “Arab Spring” began the month I took over as Chairman (just a coincidence I assure you!)

It was an incredible experience during a tumultuous period in this always volatile region of the world. 

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