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The Plot Thickens

There are so many outrageous aspects to the IRS targeting conservative groups matter that it’s hard to decide even where to begin.  Since the story broke a week or so ago, it’s been one revelation after another.  We’ve already had two House Congressional hearings.

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The Obama Administration is in Trouble

An Administration can usually survive one scandal, no matter how problematic. Ronald Reagan weathered the Iran Contra imbroglio, although his second term was sidetracked to a considerable degree by the necessity of its handling. Bill Clinton was impeached in his second term (although ultimately not removed from office) due to his lying under oath (perjury) related to the Lewinski scandal.

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Is Obama’s Big Mo Now Little Mo, Or Perhaps No Mo?

If you’re like me, you were deeply disappointed in the results of the Presidential election last November.  And a little surprised – well, a lot surprised.

Barack Obama won a second term, and he was at the top of his game. 

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Are We Headed For War In Korea Again?

As I begin writing this week’s blog, I’m at the DMZ (the Demilitarized Zone) between North and South Korea.  (One of the Air Force officers who briefed us said the term “Demilitarized Zone” is a misnomer, since it is actually the most highly militarized border on earth.)

Chabot in Plane

Chabot in front of Black Hawk

I’m here in my capacity as Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific. 

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