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President Obama’s Number One Goal

Shortly after President Obama was re-elected to a second term last November, he made two phone calls.  Neither of the calls was to his key ally in the Senate, Harry Reid, nor to Mitch McConnell, the lead Republican there.  Nor was one of the calls to Speaker John Boehner, whom Obama would have to work with  if he was to live up to his commitment to put aside party differences, and work together in a bipartisan manner for the good of the American people.

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Ask Your Congressman – Over the Telephone

With “the Sequester” kicking in, and the Obama Administration’s warnings about how devastating its effects would be, I thought it would be a good idea to check in with the people I have the honor of representing in Congress.  Therefore, over the last two evenings, I held two telephone town hall meetings. 

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The Sequester

Sequestration is not a word most of us use in our daily lives.  But it seems like we’ve been hearing an awful lot about it lately.  And what we hear from President Obama and his various spokespersons is downright scary.  Allegedly our food won’t be inspected, our skies won’t be safe, our children won’t be educated, our borders won’t be patrolled, and life as we know it will cease to exist.

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The Upcoming Demonization of Marco Rubio

Democrats fear Marco Rubio.  Therefore, they must destroy him.  Let me explain.

The fastest growing, and now largest, demographic minority in the United States are Hispanic-Americans.  Republican Presidential candidates have been getting a smaller and smaller share of this important vote over recent election cycles. 

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