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It’s All in the Numbers

I thought I’d go in a little different direction in this week’s blog. Here is a list of numbers from 1 to 13.6 trillion, and their significance.

1 – Number of Presidents who have picked Joe Biden to be their Vice President.

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Cell Phones, Cancer, and the Occupiers

You might remember that in last week’s blog I discussed two Enquirer headlines that had caught my attention. One was about the death penalty; the other about “green” jobs. Well, I’ve got two more for you.

First, in Saturday’s Enquirer, on page A-15 was a story headlined “Poll Finds Sympathy for Frustrated Occupiers.” The logical assumption one could make from the headline is that more people support the occupiers than oppose them.

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Green Jobs and the Death Penalty

Two headlines in the Cincinnati Enquirer this past Sunday caught my attention. They were both on page A-23 (yes, I try to read/skim the newspaper cover to cover.) One headline read – “Report: Green Jobs Program Didn’t Work”; the other, “Poll Indicates More Oppose Death Penalty.”

First, the “Green Jobs Program Didn’t Work” article.

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The Balanced Budget Amendment – Is it Real this Time?

Washington’s out-of-control spending has finally caught up with us. $14.5 trillion of debt. It’s like a wet blanket smothering our economic recovery. It sucks money from the private sector where real jobs could be created. It’s so bad that out of every dollar spent now in Washington, 43 cents of it must be borrowed.

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