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The Most Conservative Member of Congress

National Journal just released its annual ratings for all Members of Congress, all 435, from most conservative to most liberal.  It’s based on 111 votes taken during 2013.  According to National Journal, the most conservative Member of Congress is – yours truly.

In case you were wondering, Judy Chu, Sam Farr, Mike Honda, and Jared Huffman, all of California, Donna Edwards of Maryland, Keith Ellison of Minnesota, and Jan Schakowsky of Illinois, were tied for the honor of being the most liberal Members of Congress.  Not surprisingly, they are all Democrats.

Interestingly, although not surprisingly, the next four most conservative Members of Congress after me were all Republicans from the South: number 2 was George Holding of North Carolina, number 3 was Kenny Marchant from Texas, and the next two were tied, Scott DesJarlais of Tennessee and Steve Scalise of Louisiana.

The 111 votes in the House were broken down into three categories: economic, foreign, and social issues.  62 of the 111 votes scored were economic; 29 were foreign issues; and 20 were considered social issues.  Also noteworthy was the fact that I had the most conservative voting record in all three categories.  (There’s not a lot of room to my right!)  You can see the description of each of the 111 votes by clicking here.

The photo below accompanied National Journal’s online story.  You can click here to see the photos of the other 14 Members of Congress who rounded out the top 15 conservatives in the House.  And once you get there, at the bottom of the page you can click on to see the 15 most liberal Members of the House, and the 15 most conservative and most liberal Members of the Senate.


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