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Wounded, but Still Dangerous

Years ago, when big game hunting was more in vogue, hunters would warn that dangerous animals like lions, and bears and rhinos were most dangerous if they were wounded and cornered.  They still had sharp teeth, or claws, or horns, or tusks and could still do a lot of damage. 

Well, this Democratic Congress is sort of like that wounded animal.  Their policies and track record have been so bad that they’re wounded and limping into the next election, and exceedingly unpopular with the public.  But they still have a big weapon at their disposal – a huge war chest in the amount of $34 million, compared to the Republicans at only about half that, $17 million.  And those millions can do a lot of damage, especially if the truth isn’t important to them.  (Some of that $34 million was raised right here in Cincinnati when Nancy Pelosi blew through town last month, raising money for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee [DCCC] at Stan Chesley’s home.) 

The DCCC has just announced that they are purchasing $49 million worth of TV ads in 60 Congressional races around the country.  (They intend to borrow more money on top of the $34 million they already have.)  These are the 60 races that they believe have the most vulnerable Democratic Congressmen, and one of those is Steve Driehaus.  They’ve allocated $552,000 in the Cincinnati media market for TV ads.  We’ve seen ads like these over the years, or ones just like them, where they’ll blame everything bad that has ever happened on me (and George Bush.)  And they’ll claim that Steve Driehaus (and Nancy Pelosi) are just what we need to make everything right (but they won’t mention Nancy Pelosi because she’s so unpopular.) 

In the final analysis, I don’t think it will work, because Driehaus’s voting record is just so bad.  His very first vote was to make Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House; he voted for the failed Stimulus bill; he voted for Pelosi’s budget, which is bankrupting the nation; he voted for the job-killing, energy-tax-raising Cap and Trade bill; he voted for Obamacare, or Pelosicare, or whatever you want to call the health care debacle; and on and on. 

But $552,000 is a lot of money, and a lot of TV commercials, so if you are able to help us offset the misinformation they’ll soon be spewing, you can contribute to my campaign by clicking here.  Our fundraising has been very encouraging so far; in fact, I’m one of the few challengers to now have a slightly bigger war chest than my incumbent opponent, a little over $1 million for us, $973,000 for Driehaus.  But, as I previously mentioned, the DCCC has twice what the Republican Campaign Congressional Committee has, so your help is really appreciated. 

Also, if you’ve driven around the area since last Saturday, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve just started putting up our yard signs, so if you’d like us to put one up in your yard, click here

So, in conclusion, the Pelosi/Reid Congress is like some lumbering wounded animal, flailing about, spewing out our money in every direction, and leaving a path of destruction in its wake.  It’s still dangerous, but fortunately for the future of our nation, its days are numbered.

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