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Mr. Smith Goes To Washington

Seventy-five years ago (1939), Columbia Pictures released a movie, directed by the legendary Frank Capra, and starring actor Jimmy Stewart.  Mr. Smith Goes to Washington is the story of an idealistic, patriotic, but naïve boy scout leader who’s appointed to the United States Senate to replace a Senator who has just died.  The politically corrupt people who have him appointed assume Jefferson Smith will be their puppet, but he proves to be anything but.

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Democratic Senate Leader Harry Reid has spent the last several years demonizing businessmen Charles and David Koch (pronounced Coke), usually referred to merely as “the Koch brothers.”  Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats in the House and Senate, and their mouthpieces in the media, have parroted these attacks.  Reid has mentioned the much-maligned Koch brothers more than 140 times in speeches this year alone (there are actually people who keep track of these things.)


Harry Reid has accused them (inaccurately) of wanting to abolish Social Security, public education, Medicare, women, and being in favor of cancer.  He has accused them of attempting to “buy” our democracy.  He has accused Senate Republicans of being “addicted to Koch.”  (Get it?)  He has even called them “un-American” for allegedly giving so much money to Republicans that they’ve “corrupted our political system.”


So when the list of the top 25 “super PACs” was released last week, you’d expect that the evil Koch brothers would have been at the top of the list, since they were, after all, supposed to be the top corruptors of our political system.  But no, they were only number eight.  The number ONE super PAC on the list, was controlled by none other than – Harry Reid himself!

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Why India Matters

You don’t see it covered on the T.V. news very often.  In fact, I would argue that it’s under-covered in the newspaper and print media as well.

But the relationship between the United States and India is actually one of the most important ones we have.  After all, India is the world’s largest democracy; home to over 1.2 billion people (that’s four times the population of the United States.)  And in the not-too-distant future, India will surpass China as the earth’s most populous nation, period.

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Sorry, You’re On Your Own

Ukraine’s recently elected President, Petro Poroshenko, addressed a joint session of Congress last Thursday.  He gave an impassioned speech, asking for U.S. help against Russia’s Vladimir Putin, who has already annexed Ukraine’s Crimean region, and is attempting to gobble up additional portions of eastern Ukraine.

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