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So Will He Do It?

The “it” I’m referring to is amnesty.  Or as some have begun referring to it, executive amnesty.  Yes, I’m afraid he probably will.  And thus ignite a firestorm that ends; well, no one knows where it will end.

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It’s likely that some will call for his impeachment.  Interestingly, to date, the majority of Members of Congress (both House and Senate) who have raised the possibility of impeachment, have been Democrats.  Why would that be?  Well, they apparently felt that getting the press to do stories on impeachment might energize a Democrat base which was unenthusiastic about turning out in the recently held elections.  Neither Republicans, nor most members of the press, took the bait, so impeachment never became a big story, and the Democrat base stayed home.

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The Big Lie

We all suspected that the Obama Administration was lying to the American people when they pushed the so-called Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) through Congress.  Now we know that suspicion was true.  They were lying.




Jonathan Gruber is an MIT economist who has been referred to as the “Obamacare architect.”  He participated in a panel discussion on Obamacare at the University of Pennsylvania awhile back.  He made some shocking admissions about the Democrats’ strategy in passing Obamacare.  Unfortunately the tape containing his shocking revelations conveniently didn’t surface until after the election last week.  Had it come to light prior to the election, a dismal night for Democrats might have been even more catastrophic.  Some of the really tight races that Democrats managed to win (the Senate race in Virginia) might otherwise have gone to Republicans.  We’ll never know for sure.

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It’s Finally Over

It was a good night for America.  Republicans took over the United States Senate, overthrowing obstructionist Harry Reid.  Republicans added about 15 seats to their majority in the House (it’s the largest Republican majority in the House since World War II.)  And Republicans now hold 31 state governorships, to the Democrats’ 18 (with one independent in Alaska.)


Why did it happen?  Mainly it was a rejection of the failed policies of Barack Obama, both domestically and in foreign affairs.  Partly it was the so-called six year itch – the tendency for the party opposite the President to do well in the election cycle before he leaves an eight year term.

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My Predictions

I know this is what you’ve all been waiting for.  My predictions for what will happen in the election next week.


First a caveat; a warning.  Sometimes I get it wrong.  A few examples.  I thought Romney would beat Obama.  I predicted prior to the start of the baseball season that the Reds would be in the World Series.  I predicted that John McCain and Hillary Clinton would face off in the 2008 Presidential election before either one of them (or anyone else) had even announced their candidacies.  (Well, I at least got half that prediction right.)

And I’ll admit, sometimes my predictions are influenced by a dash of wishful thinking.  The heart sometimes prevails over the head.  That being said, here are my predictions for next week.  Drum roll please.

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