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Why India Matters

You don’t see it covered on the T.V. news very often.  In fact, I would argue that it’s under-covered in the newspaper and print media as well.

But the relationship between the United States and India is actually one of the most important ones we have.  After all, India is the world’s largest democracy; home to over 1.2 billion people (that’s four times the population of the United States.)  And in the not-too-distant future, India will surpass China as the earth’s most populous nation, period.

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Sorry, You’re On Your Own

Ukraine’s recently elected President, Petro Poroshenko, addressed a joint session of Congress last Thursday.  He gave an impassioned speech, asking for U.S. help against Russia’s Vladimir Putin, who has already annexed Ukraine’s Crimean region, and is attempting to gobble up additional portions of eastern Ukraine.

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War President

President Obama addressed the nation in prime time last week, on ISIS (he usually calls them ISIL – same thing.)  He now says he’ll lead a coalition of nations to “degrade and destroy” ISIS, after previously indicating that “managing them” would be sufficient.  (At least he’s starting to SAY the right things.)


The barbaric beheading of two Americans, on video, enraged the American people; public opinion polling indicated Americans now favored action, and the President (leading from behind) had come around too, to a much more hawkish point of view.

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Hillary Disqualifies Herself

What is the greatest challenge currently facing the United States?  Is it terrorism, particularly ISIS, which has been running amuck in Iraq and Syria, literally severing the heads of American journalists, and forcing Christians to convert to Islam, or die?

Or is it Russia, on the march in eastern Europe, brazenly annexing portions of weaker countries, who happen to be allies of the United States, and thus risking a new Cold War, or God forbid, a hot one.

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