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Is The Trump Campaign Getting Back on Track?

The election is still nearly two and a half months down the road, but according to many in the mainstream press, the election is over, and Donald Trump has lost. Hillary might as well start measuring the drapes in the White House, and figure out how she’s going to keep her husband, our nation’s first “First Guy”, under control and away from the interns.

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Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Armenia

Folks, I’m taking a break from the presidential election this week. Not talking about Trump. Not talking about Hillary. Not going to analyze the latest allegation against either candidate. Not going to critique the mainstream press’s latest example of bias against Trump, or in favor of Hillary (oops, couldn’t help myself…)


What I am going to talk about this week, is a part of the world, which is often ignored by much of the rest of the world.

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Can Trump Still Win This Thing?

Trump really worried me recently when he started saying that the current presidential election was “rigged” against him, and if he loses, that’s why. My worry is NOT that I think the election might actually be rigged against Trump – of course voter fraud happens, and I have no doubt that Democrats benefit more than Republicans when, for example, illegal aliens vote, or dead people still vote in places like Chicago, or the IRS harasses conservative groups while leaving progressive (liberal) groups alone.

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What the Hell’s Going On?

As a Republican (and a conservative) it can feel like you’re on a rollercoaster ride this year. Our nominee’s up; he’s down; he’s up again; he’s down. Hillary Clinton, not unexpectedly, got a bump from the Democrat Convention, just as Donald Trump got from the Republican Convention the week before.

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