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Leading From Behind

President Obama’s foreign policy is in a shambles.  The leading role that the United States has played around the globe for several generations now, is in decline.  There is a power vacuum from the Middle East, to the South China Sea, to Ukraine.  And that vacuum is being filled by bad actors.

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The Ryan Budget

Most Americans who recognize the name “Paul Ryan” do so because he was the Republican nominee for Vice President of the United States a year-and-a-half ago.  He also happens to be the Chairman of the Budget Committee in the House of Representatives.  And in that capacity, he has offered a budget for the country, which will be up for a vote this week in the House.  I intend to vote for it, and I expect it to pass.

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Opening Day, and the Obamacare Sign-up Number

Monday was Opening Day in Cincinnati.  It’s a big deal.  Since we had the very first professional baseball team, Cincinnati used to have the honor of having the first game each year.  But no longer.


I did have the honor of marching in the Opening Day Parade this year with the Cincinnati Chapter of the Military Order of the Purple Heart.  Talk about a bunch of great Americans!  These heroes put their lives on the line for us, and were wounded in combat.  We owe them a lot, and not only should we recognize and thank them for their sacrifice, but we should make sure that they receive the best possible care for their wounds suffered, both physical and mental.  I want to particularly thank Tony Kohl, President of the Purple Heart Cincinnati Chapter, who was wounded in Vietnam, for the invitation to march with his guys.  May God bless all our veterans.

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Why Obama Is on the Ballot This Year, Even Though He’s Not

There’s obviously no presidential election this year, but in many ways, President Obama will be on the ballot anyway.  It’s a way for the American people, at least those who take the time to vote, to register their approval or disapproval of the direction President Obama is taking our nation.  And whereas the die is not yet cast, I have a sneaking suspicion that the majority of Americans (who take the time to vote) aren’t all that pleased with the direction our fearless leader has chosen.

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