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Everybody Hates Congress

Let’s face it, everyone hates Congress.  Or virtually everyone.  And it seems like everyone especially hates Republicans in Congress – especially Republicans.

1 especially Republicans

“You guys aren’t fighting hard enough.”  “You won’t stand up to Obama.”  “You guys aren’t getting anything done.”  “It really doesn’t matter whether Republicans or Democrats control Congress – nothing changes.”

There’s a tremendous amount of frustration out there.  It at least partly explains the popularity of “outside” candidates like Donald Trump and Ben Carson and Carley Fiorina on the Republican side.  And socialist Bernie Sanders on the Democrat side.

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Why the 2016 Election is so Important

Well a lot sure happened over the last week.  Pope Francis visited the United States for the first time.  He brought a message of hope, to a nation and world that certainly needs some.

1 needs some

The Bengals continued in their winning ways, defeating the Ravens – in Baltimore.  Andy Dalton was superb – as was A.J.

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Maggie’s Back

There are only a few people I would consider to be heroes of mine, when it comes to government and politics.  One would certainly be Ronald Reagan.  He restored the American people’s confidence in themselves, and defeated communism – among other things.

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The Rise of Ben Carson

Donald Trump is getting the vast majority of the attention in the Republican presidential primary at the present time.  Some people say that’s because he says what a lot of people think, but are afraid to say.  Some say it’s his celebrity status as the host of a hit TV show, The Apprentice, which has given him an advantage over the other, less well known, candidates.  Some still say Republican voters are just having a summer fling with the Trump candidacy, and as the actual primaries and caucuses get closer, Mr.

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