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A Rogue Court

The Supreme Court of the United States is supposed to interpret the law.  Well not this one.  It has seen fit to legislate from the bench.  And the law be damned.


The lowly American people received two decisions from Mt. Olympus last week.  One decision locked in lousy healthcare for the American people – maybe forever.  And the other threw out the experience of thousands of years of human history, and decided, by one vote, that on marriage, we’ve had it all wrong.

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Tragedies, and More

A lot’s happened since my blog last week; some good, some terrible.

In Charleston, South Carolina, an evil 21 year-old racist killed 9 innocent churchgoers during Bible study. Rather than despair and lash out at the monster who killed their loved ones, the bereaved family members, one after another, offered forgiveness and mercy to this miscreant and his family.

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Hillary No – Carly Yes

Well, Hillary finally officially kicked off her campaign for the presidency Sunday on Roosevelt Island in New York.  Of course she’s had her eye on running for the top job for quite some time now – probably since her husband left office 15 years ago.  In fact, she’s probably entertained thoughts about eventually being our President far earlier than that.  Whatever.

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China Does it Again

Well, they’ve done it again.  With impunity, China has hacked into our government’s computer networks, and stolen sensitive information from four million current and past federal employees.


Although we’ve been attacked in the past by nefarious actors like Russia and North Korea and Iran, this has all the markings of our good friends at the PRC (Peoples’ Republic of China).  After all, they’ve persistently and flagrantly launched cyber-attacks against the U.S.

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