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Hillary Disqualifies Herself

What is the greatest challenge currently facing the United States?  Is it terrorism, particularly ISIS, which has been running amuck in Iraq and Syria, literally severing the heads of American journalists, and forcing Christians to convert to Islam, or die?

Or is it Russia, on the march in eastern Europe, brazenly annexing portions of weaker countries, who happen to be allies of the United States, and thus risking a new Cold War, or God forbid, a hot one.

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“We don’t have a strategy”

This President appears to be clueless. He’s the commander-in-chief. The leader of the free world. And even if he doesn’t have a strategy for dealing with the forces of evil at loose in Iraq and Syria, who are literally lopping off heads and forcing Christians to convert to Islam or die, he doesn’t need to announce it publicly.

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Hope in India; Fear in the Baltics

In my capacity as a senior member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, I just returned from India, Poland and Lithuania.  I was accompanied by Democratic Congressman Lloyd Doggett of Texas and Republican Congressman Luke Messer of Indiana.  (I’ve known Congressman Doggett for nearly 20 years as we were both first elected in 1994.)

India is the world’s largest democracy, has four times the population of the United States, and is expected to pass China as the world’s most populous nation in the not too distant future.  This is a particularly significant time in U.S.

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Hillary vs. Obama

Hillary Clinton has a dilemma on her hands.  She wants to be President.  A lot.

Unfortunately for her, as Barack Obama’s Secretary of State for four years, she is, to a considerable extent, the face of Obama’s foreign policy.  Her fingerprints are all over it.  She set in motion many of the foreign policy scenarios which are now imploding.  And as they say, the chickens are coming home to roost.

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