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A True Leader

There was considerable drama surrounding Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to our nation’s capitol yesterday.  President Obama and some Democrats tried to sabotage the visit.  But to Netanyahu’s credit, the Prime Minister came anyway, and gave an incredibly important and effective speech. 


Prime Minister Netanyahu started off by thanking President Obama for his support of Israel.  In reality, Netanyahu was just being polite, because Obama has done more to undercut Israel than any president since Israel became a nation back in 1948.  Obama encouraged Democrats to boycott the speech.  Some did, but most showed up anyway.  (As did virtually all Republicans, including me.) 

It’s well known that Speaker John Boehner extended the invitation to Netanyahu to speak before Congress, and not President Obama.  It’s not unprecedented, but it is unusual.  But perfectly understandable when one considers that President Obama is proceeding down a path which Bibi Netanyahu believes could put his country in great danger.

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Jobs for Jihadists

Just when you think the Obama Administration couldn’t be any more naïve in the foreign policy area, they surprise you, and come up with something even stupider.  Marie Harf, Obama State Department spokeswoman, espoused the ludicrous supposition that rather than fight ISIS, we should create a jobs program for them.

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It’s Happened Again

President Obama probably instinctively wants to blame it on the Crusades. Or the Spanish Inquisition. Or George Bush. Or John Boehner.

But 21 Christians being held hostage by an offshoot of the Muslim ISIS group were marched to a beach, and beheaded.

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Obama Finally Links Terrorism with Religion

The Obama Administration has gone to great lengths not to link terrorism with Islam.  The Ft. Hood shooting, which was carried out by Allahu Akhbar (allah is great) screaming Islamist Nidal Malik Hasan, was famously referred to as “workplace violence.”


The attack on the French magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris by Islamic terrorists which killed a dozen people, was referred to by President Obama as “senseless violence” after his spokesman had initially referred to it as merely “an act of violence.”  And the attack that same day by Islamic terrorists which killed four Jews at a kosher supermarket in Paris was called “an act of random violence” by our tell-it-like-it-is President.  (An ostrich with its head in the sand comes to mind.)


Well finally, last Friday at the National Prayer Breakfast, President Obama actually linked terror with religion.  Only it wasn’t Islam.  And it wasn’t, for example, the burning alive of a pilot in a cage which had been revealed only two days prior to the breakfast.  No, our preacher-in-chief had to go back nearly a thousand years to the Crusades, and blame Christians, not Muslims, for the alleged transgressions.

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