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Trump Really Could Win this Thing

Until last week, Donald Trump was losing to Hillary Clinton in virtually every national poll, and in some by a lot. But things are changing, rapidly.

The latest polls show Donald Trump up in three of them, and Hillary Clinton up in two.

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Trump’s Women

The New York Times did a front page hit piece on Donald Trump over the weekend. Among other things, the article accuses the presumptive Republican nominee of having done the following things over the last four decades: offering a model who didn’t have a swimsuit at a pool party at his mansion to wear one he had available, and then saying “wow” when she tried it on; commenting to one of his female executives who apparently was overweight that “you like your candy”; kissing one of the Miss Universe beauty contestants on the lips when he introduced himself to her, causing her to think to herself “oh my God, gross”; and generally commenting on women’s looks frequently (probably too frequently.)
If you’d like to read the entire article, click here.

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“We Must All Hang Together, or Most Assuredly, We Will All Hang Separately”

Benjamin Franklin made this statement at the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776.  He was of course referring to the need for the signers, and the states they represented, to stick together against a common enemy, Great Britain.  He knew the only chance the colonies had in facing the most powerful army and nation on the face of the earth, was to remain united in their resolve to achieve independence.  Although Franklin’s words were said 240 years ago, they should ring just as true to every Republican and every right-thinking independent in America today.

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President Trump

That may take some getting used to.  But it sure sounds better than President Hillary Clinton.  After Donald Trump’s resounding victory in Indiana last night, and Ted Cruz’s dropping out of the race, there’s no doubt now that Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee for President of the United States.

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