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Is the Republican Party Dying?

The Republican Party is dead. That’s been the theme of many left-leaning reporters (I guess that’s redundant) and political pundits for some time now. The Republican Party’s obituary was an especially favorite topic in the wake of the election of Barack Obama in 2008, and then his re-election in 2012.

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Obama Blows it Again


The civilized world joined in solidarity against Islamic terrorism in Paris this past Sunday.  So, who’s missing from the above photo?  Well, let’s see, we’ve got the President or Prime Minister (the top guys) of France, Great Britain, Germany, Israel, and the Palestinians, and many other European and world leaders there, but not the United States.

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What Now?

The new Congress was sworn in yesterday, and Republicans control both houses for the first time since before Barack Obama became President.  Republicans hold a 54 to 46 edge in the Senate.  And there are more Republicans in the House than there have been since Herbert Hoover was President.

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My Predictions for 2015

So here are my predictions for the upcoming year.  But wait, you say.  How’d I do with my predictions for the year that’s winding down.  Alright let’s look back, one year ago, to my predictions for the year that’s ending.  Here goes.

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