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Trump Rattles China, and The Media (So it’s a Win-Win)

Donald Trump has done it again. He’s got elite foreign policy folks, the PRC (Communist China), and know-it-alls in the mainstream press, in a tizzy. What did he do? He accepted a phone call, from Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen, congratulating him on his recent win in the presidential election.

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The Recount; the Electoral College; Term Limits; and Thank God, Castro’s Finally Dead!

It seems that a lot of my blogs lately have started out with some version of “a lot’s happened over the last week…” And I guess that’s because a lot HAS happened over the last week. And since so much has happened, it’s hard to pick just one thing to cover, so I’ll touch on a couple of things.

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Trump, Pence, Alexander Hamilton, William and Mary, the Transition, and the Klan

A lot’s happened over the last week, mostly, but not all, related to Trump’s transition. Vice President-elect Mike Pence made a trip to Washington last Thursday, and was warmly and enthusiastically received by the House Republican Conference (that’s made up of all Republican Members of the House of Representatives – including of course, me.

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So the Election’s Over – What’s Up?

After getting Donald Trump’s odds of being elected president so wrong, is there any chance the mainstream press might finally be getting a clue? The answer, in my view, is a resounding – NO!


A few examples. The press has been running wild with the “news” that Donald Trump is supposedly backing away from his commitment to overturn Obamacare.

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