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What Trump Needs to Do to Win

By any measure, Donald Trump has had a tough couple of weeks. You can measure it in the polls. He went from being essentially even with Hillary in the national polls, to being down by anywhere from 6 to 12 points, depending on the poll.

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Jihadist Terror in Orlando

A radicalized Muslim yelling “allahu Akbar” (God is great) as he systematically murdered scores of innocent people. It’s happened yet again. This time at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. But it could have happened virtually anywhere in America, or anywhere around the world for that matter.

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My Second Open Letter to Donald Trump

Donald, as I’ve said a number of times over the past few months, if you’re to have any chance of defeating Hillary Clinton in November, you’ve got to step up your game. During the primary process, you got away with saying a number of really dumb things – some would say that not following the normal rules of political correctness even benefited you.

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An Independent Candidate?

I’m a big fan of Bill Kristol, editor of the conservative weekly magazine, The Weekly Standard.  It’s the one magazine I make a point of reading every week.  I highly recommend you do the same (after of course you read my weekly blog.  HA!)


That being said, I strongly oppose Bill Kristol’s effort to dredge up an alternative Republican candidate to Donald Trump.  Bill tweeted out over the weekend “there will be an independent candidate – an impressive one, with a strong team and a real chance.”


Not surprisingly, Donald Trump lashed out at Kristol, calling him a “loser” and a “dummy” among other things.  More importantly, Trump said if a Republican “spoiler” candidate gets into the race, “say goodbye to the Supreme Court.”

U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at the Family Leadership Summit in Ames, Iowa, United States, July 18, 2015. REUTERS/Jim Young   - RTX1KTWT

Unfortunately, I’m afraid Trump is exactly right.

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