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Trump’s Trip, The Tax Vote, and What the Virginia Election Means

President Trump returned to Washington last night after an eventful trip to Southeast Asia. So how did it go? To the nattering nabobs of negativism (as the late Spiro Agnew once referred to the mainstream press), it was one embarrassment after another for this much-hated President.

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What You Need to Know About the Republican Tax Cut Bill

We finally have the details for how Republicans in the House intend to simplify the tax code, and cut taxes for the vast majority of Americans. The bill is called the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, it’s 429 pages long, and I’ve been reading it for the past week or so.

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So Who’s Winning? The Russians, That’s Who.

About half the American people think Donald Trump stole the election last year (with help from the Russians), and that he’s not a legitimate President. Vladimir Putin is tickled pink that so many Americans believe this.

Why? Because the Russians believe that the United States is their principal rival on the world scene.

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Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis, also known simply as MS, is a disease that affects the insulation around the brain and spinal cord nerves. The damage from the disease disrupts the ability of the human body to communicate internally, thus causing a whole series of problems.

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