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A Third Open Letter to Donald Trump

Mr. President, on two earlier occasions, I thought it necessary to write open letters to you. And about a month ago, I drafted a proposal for an Inaugural Address, which I said you probably wouldn’t give. (You didn’t).


Many of your supporters believe that if you say something, or take a position, we should all fall into line, and adopt that same point of view.

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Do We Even Need a Congress Anymore? And the City Does Something Really Stupid.

It’s my contention that through its own rules, the United States Congress (specifically the Senate) has allowed itself to be so tied up in knots, that it’s almost irrelevant anymore. The focus nowadays is virtually all on what the President is going to do, whether it’s Barack Obama or Donald Trump.

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Hey Iran, There’s a New Sheriff In Town

The deal the Obama Administration struck with Iran, relative to nuclear weapons, will go down as one of the worst deals in American history. Similar one-sided deals which come to mind are: native Americans parting with Manhattan for $24, the sale of Alaska by the Russians for far less than true value, and perhaps the Louisiana Purchase.

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The Press vs Trump

On the flight back from Washington to Cincinnati last Friday, I was doing what I usually do on flights – reading. Among my reading material was the New York Times and the Washington Post. As I’m sure you know, other news media outlets look to these papers (especially the Times) when they’re considering their own coverage – what’s newsworthy, and what’s not.

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