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My Predictions for 2017

Well, it’s that time again. Time for me to predict what’s going to happen in the upcoming year. I’ll stick to government and politics, since whenever I stray to other areas, like sports, I’m such a homer that I always predict the Bengals will win the Super Bowl and the Reds will win the World Series.

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Islamic Terrorism Mars the Season of Peace, and the Effort to Sway the Electoral College Fizzles

The Season of Peace. It’s only a few days before Christmas. The Christian world celebrates the birth of Our Lord. Silent night. Holy night. Peace. Love. Goodwill. Brotherhood.


Then some demented jihadist terrorist murders a truck driver, and drives the stolen vehicle through a crowd of innocent Christian shoppers in Berlin.

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The Moment Hillary Blew it in 2016, and Romney Blew it in 2012

Sometimes during the course of a campaign, candidates say something they never recover from. It happened to Mitt Romney in 2012. And it happened to Hillary this year. And arguably it happened to Barack Obama back in 2008, but as in many things, he got away with it.

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Trump Rattles China, and The Media (So it’s a Win-Win)

Donald Trump has done it again. He’s got elite foreign policy folks, the PRC (Communist China), and know-it-alls in the mainstream press, in a tizzy. What did he do? He accepted a phone call, from Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen, congratulating him on his recent win in the presidential election.

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